Doorway to the Void
Open the door to find a universe that feels a little like home, but also a little wrong.

A Note from the Artist/Author

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Welcome to The Void!

Thanks all for making it here, to view my numerous scribbles and ramblings. I've created this site as a destination for all my upcoming projects involving this newly-created universe, both art and writing alike. "The Void" was conceived as a place where all the people, races, creatures, environments, and etc. I want to create could live, breathe and tell their stories, as well as give me a new and exciting "box" to work within - and fill up as well.

About The Void:

The Void could be, for all intents and purposes, be interpreted as a "parallel universe," but with definite variances. Anomalies arise here that occur no where else in the multi-verse. However, much of what remains striking about this place is the random manifestation of elements from other universes, coupled with the rapid disappearance of some native landmarks. This leads many within the world to believe that either their reality is somehow not wholly separate and complete in itself, or that their entire existence is gradually disintegrating into nothingness. While it's true that certain people within The Void are able to move back and forth between our world and their own, I do not wish to divulge any information pertaining to these "Ambassadors" of the Ripmorum, more commonly referred to as "Rippers," until a later date.

Enjoy the site and come back often!

Many thanks,
Laura Zimmermann

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About Me

While remaining devoted to the pleasure and agony of creating art, making a callow but enthusiastic attempt at writing fiction, and being gainfully employed by Irrational Games in Boston as an Environment Modeler and Concept Artist, Laura now devotes her time to chronicling the misadventures of certain characters within the parallel universe familiarly referred to by the masses as "The Void." Along with sharing these various tales, stories, narratives, records, allegories and anecdotes, she also provides colorful sketches in order to paint a vast and complete picture of this strange and wonderful place.