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Preliminary Doodles - General Alaam

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In one of my previous posts, I've mentioned the Princess General Alaam who, in addition to commanding the forces of the Ripmorum in the city of Nevanne, is also the the adopted human daughter of the Akhae (i.e. Queen) Niamh E.K. Onuris.

Alaam was actually the first character I created when beginning work on the Void, and in fact popped into my head so fully formed that it was almost alarming.  Just having that image of her proceded to inspire a lot of the other material and notes I've made over the past year about the universe of the Void.

So you can understand that while I've been wanting to get her out of my head and onto paper (or digital 'paper') nothing I could sketch was coming close to what I was envisioning, and it became a little daunting. Well finally I put a couple of doodles down in my sketchbook that I think are at least a good starting off point from which to build.  You'll be hearing much more about Alaam and about her character in the future.  Hopefully I'll be able to do some more flushed-out paintings and drawings of her soon.


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